Illinois Declares Daily Fantasy Sports Illegal

The most recent state to target sites like DraftKings and FanDuel.

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When your industry makes a lot of money the government is going to try to regulate you, there's a pretty clear track record of that. And so it really comes as no surprise that sites like FanDuel and DraftKings have found their way into the crosshairs of state politicians trying to provide some sort of eye towards the previously unmonitored/absurd cash flow of said freaking sites. We've already seen it in Nevada and New York and possibly some other less important states. Today was Illinois' turn to weigh-in on the legality of the enormously popular way to play fantasy and/or waste money, and they ruled pretty much the way you'd expect: That the sites constitute illegal gambling. Attorney General Lisa Madigan (D) came to that conclusion earlier this afternoon:

She also stated that she'd be sending a letter to the aforementioned sites that Illinois residents were unable to "compete" in their never-ending contests:

In addition to that State Rep. Mike Zalewski (also D) is proposing a bill to legalize the unrelentingly hyped industry for Land of Lincoln inhabitants looking for the cheap Sunday afternoon thrill that only a $50 grand prize can provide:

The pending legislation could be a surprisingly big deal in Illinois as the state is third amongst all 50 when it comes to playing Daily Fantasy Sports behind only New York (who we already mentioned) and California (who's also weighing the issue).

[via ESPN, @DannyEcker]

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