Minor League Baseball Team to Wear "Rugrats" Uniforms

A Baltimore Orioles affiliate will play in Chuckie Finster inspired unis on July 31.

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In a promo right up the alley of '90s babies comes a promo from a Minor League team about...uh, '90s babies. Or at least partially. In an effort to draw fans out to their home park on July 31, Baltimore Orioles affiliate the Frederick Keys (located in Frederick, Md.) will celebrate '90s Nickelodeon Night by sporting jerseys inspired by Tommy's wussy friend Chuckie Finster from Rugrats. In case you've forgotten what Chuckie's get up looked like (which is understandable since there hasn't been a new episode of your likely childhood staple in over 11 years), here he is side-by-side with the jerseys the Keys plan to wear:

Mark your calendars.

[via @FrederickKeys]

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