Chris Webber Interview Gets Awkward When Jalen Rose is Brought Up

Chris Webber does not want to discuss his former teammate on Doug Gottlieb's show.

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Time heals all wounds, I think. People have mindlessly repeated that throughout my life so it must be true. But enough time has not passed for Chris Webber and Jalen Rose to mend their differences over comments about events that transpired more than 22 years ago. They were close, but now they're not.

Currently Webber is set to teach a Master's course at Wake Forest, and he went on The Doug Gottlieb Show to talk about his new spot running a class in higher academia. Questions related to that subject got answered without a hitch. But a question at the end about where he and Rose currently stand? Well, that got awkward.

Here's a transcription/rundown of the exchange:

After a long silence Webber began by saying "What did you ask me?" before Gottlieb repeated the question about where their relationship is. Webber responded "Wherever it was." When asked to clarify, Webber said:

“I mean, Doug, we ain’t talking about that. You ain’t getting that interview. I’m talking about Wake Forest. I don’t talk about him. I talked about him one time on The Dan Patrick show. That was it.”

When Gottlieb explained why he was asking about it, Webber continued:

“Come on, Doug. I just told you respectfully on your show I’m not going to talk about it. I’m talking about being a professor at Wake Forest teaching a class on culture in sports. Now do want want to beat me up because I did not answer you on your show?”

Gottlieb said no. Webber was still annoyed:

“I don’t want to answer the question. So what would you ask me after that? Because I’m going to put this in for my class as far as how did you handle the media. I’m going to show them right now: I do not want to answer that question. I respectfully ask you not to ask me that again so you can blow your numbers up for your show. I don’t want to talk about that, Doug.”

After Gottlieb tried in vain to explain his point of view, the interview ended with Webber saying:

“I hope the students sign up because the class is going to be way more fun than this interview. It’s going to be crazy. Thank you.”

You can listen to the whole interview here. But, honestly, you just heard the best part.

[via CBS Sports]

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