Watch Stephen Curry Easily Stroke This 30-Foot Jumpshot As If He's Next to the Hoop

Stephen Curry made a 30-foot jumpshot with ease versus the Pistons on Saturday night.

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The Warriors went to Detroit to play the Pistons on Saturday night. By now, we are normalized by how amazing Stephen Curry really is at putting on shooting clinics from anywhere and however he shoots the ball in the gym. Literally. And teams can do whatever they can in their scouting reports and game plans. Try a box-and-one, rough him up a bit, quadruple-team him even— none of it is going to work. Anyone guarding him is destined to blow their assignment regardless. Defenders can't be mad at their teammates about it, just because he's that good. It's just one of those things in life that you have to accept, like death and taxes.

So you may as well let him shoot from the time he steps over the half court mark. That's exactly what he did with this shot. He caught the ball just over half court, on the Pistons logo, and just stroked a jumper like he was shooting a 5-footer in his backyard. Except, this shot was about, say, umm, 30 feet! What are you gonna do? SMH.

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