Robert Griffin III Responds to Twitter Account Trolling Him About Cheating on His Ex-Wife

Robert Griffin III and his current girlfriend are seemingly undeterred by the Twitter troll.

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Robert Griffin III just can't catch a break, can he?

After RGIII and his girlfriend Grete Sadeiko had their wallets stolen from her car in the Browns' players garage on Sunday, the team's quarterback was cleared by the team's medical staff for contact to play Tuesday after being on the injured reserve since Week 1 of this season. That was big news for his biggest cheerleader.

But someone claiming to be RGIII's ex-wife Rebecca Liddicoat decided to be a killjoy and destroy the morale of the couple. An account with the handle @rgriffin88 and name "Rebecca Griffin" posted allegations, written in the first person, that RGIII cheated on Liddicoat with his current girlfriend back in July 2013, and included a litany of other crazy claims about their relationship.


RGIII ex-wife tweets
Robert Griffin III ex-wife tweets more
Robert Griffin III ex-wife tweets more more
Robert Griffin III ex-wife tweets more more more

After the attack, the @rgriffin88 account was deleted. In the second big clue that the account was fake, the football star's ex-wife goes by Rebecca Liddicoat, not Griffin. It seems that Sadeiko herself believed it was phony.

RGIII naturally struck back with multiple tweets to denounce the attack.

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