Robinson Cano Has Reportedly Agreed to a 10-Year, $240 Million Deal With the Mariners

Jay Z didn't screw up the deal after all.

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So it looks like Jay Z didn't screw up Robinson Cano's contract negotiations with the Mariners after all. In fact, he may have actually helped Cano get a little bit of extra money.

Earlier today, a New York Daily News report emerged indicating that Seattle had offered Cano a 9-year, $225 million deal last night to come and play for the Mariners. But according to the report, Jay Z pushed for an extra year on the contract at the 11th hour, and the Mariners balked at the idea of giving Cano a 10-year, $252 million contract and called the negotiations off. It sounds like cooler heads have prevailed, though, because ESPN Deportes is now reporting that Cano and the Mariners just agreed to a massive 10-year, $240 million deal.

"At the meeting, the Mariners gave Cano an offer he could not refuse," a source told ESPN Deportes.

So there you have it. Cano is headed out to Seattle (he reportedly has a physical on Monday), the Yankees are going to have to find a new second baseman, and Jay Z has first first major negotiation as an agent for Roc Nation Sports under his belt.

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[via ESPN Deportes]

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