Panthers' Roman Harper Cracked His Helmet Trying to Tackle Marshawn Lynch

Panthers' safety Roman Harper posts a video of his cracked helmet, which he says happened trying to tackle Marshawn Lynch

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Marshawn Lynch had only six carries for 20 yards in the Seahawks' playoff loss to the Panthers on Sunday, but to be fair, the running game tends to get abandoned when your team ends up trailing by 31 points in the first half.

When Lynch did have the ball, however, he wasn't at all afraid of contact, and looked to punish defenders whenever he got the chance. 

Panthers' safety Roman Harper provided some evidence of that, with an Instagram video he posted claiming that his helmet was cracked while trying to take Lynch down.

“For everybody that thinks Beast Mode isn’t alive, tackling him today I broke my helmet,” Harper said. “I definitely have proof Beast Mode is still alive.”

If this wasn't just a case of defective equipment, it's pretty incredible to think that a running back would be capable of inflicting that type of damage.

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