Watch LeBron James Get Surprised by the Cowboys Mascot in His Dallas Hotel Room

LeBron James gets surprised by the Dallas Cowboys mascot in his hotel room

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It's tough to determine exactly what the last thing you'd want to unexpectedly see in your hotel room at one in the morning would be, but we'd have to imagine a dude in a creepy team mascot costume would be near the top of the list.

LeBron James is a huge Dallas Cowboys fan, however, so he was more amused by the stunt than he was truly scared.

With his Cavaliers in town to face the Mavericks, the folks at UNINTERRUPTED surprised LeBron by having his personal trainer Mike Mancias stretching out the Cowboys mascot as James entered his hotel room. There were laughs and man-hugs all around, followed by a photo opportunity where LeBron and Rowdy were all smiles.

Imagine if this had been staged a little differently, with only the mascot in the room, and the camera crew completely out of sight. We're guessing LeBron's reaction might have changed a little bit under that specific set of circumstances.

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