Listen To A Rare Rap Song Featuring Shaq, Big Pun And Fat Joe

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My caliber's incredible, Shaq is irregular
Huntin' down your sector-er
Movin' like the predator
Camoflaugin', check the ruh, rhyme wreck-terror
Front line connect the ra-drastic measurer
Round one, rep a niger-er
In the spinderer
In my crib, I create, send your a** up state
A remarkable remake, you remind, I'll retake
I was born as great, you re-enact your fate, fool
Ni*** in the bourrough 'bout to activate
Expeditiously Shaq will get loose on breaks
Twenty-four hours, seven days a week
My God
Tell me what y'all know about me
I blow up your block like a M-80
Or blockbuster, whether or not, my style's butter
Ni*** talk, s***, damn, y'all can't fade me
You the past, bruh
Gone like the eigthies


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