5 Potential Future Mike Tyson Opponents

From Bernard Hopkins to Evander Holyfield, here are five potential fighters who Mike Tyson could fight in the future.

Tyson Ring Staples Center 2020

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - NOVEMBER 28: Mike Tyson enters the ring during Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. presented by Triller at Staples Center on November 28, 2020 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for Triller)

Tyson Ring Staples Center 2020

If you’re a boxing purist or traditionalist or someone who really cares about the health of the screwed up sport, chances are you weren’t too hyped to see an exhibition match between 54-year-old Mike Tyson and 51-year-old Roy Jones Jr. when there are so many other awesome and consequential fights on the schedule this month.  

But only a fool would deny that Iron Mike’s return to the ring this past weekend after a 15-year hiatus didn’t stir up massive interest on the Internet and social media. Purists will rant and rave about the quality of the boxing we saw, the fact that it was just an exhibition match with altered rules, and there was absolutely nothing of serious consequence at stake in the fight. But if sports are really just competition masquerading as entertainment, Tyson delivered and he deserves props for getting into great shape (for his age) and giving casual fight fans something to see.

While we still haven’t seen the final pay-per-view buys for the event and how they stack up compared to other big boxing cards, Tyson’s return has to be deemed a success thanks to all the attention it garnered. If he’s up for more challenges from fellow retired fighters, this past Saturday proved people will pay to see him keep at it and he's likely going to get more opportunities. Now the question is who can the individual formerly known as The Baddest Man on the Planet realistically face next? While there’s one obvious answer, we threw out some hypotheticals for those dying to see more Tyson.

One of the Klitschkos

Vitali Wladimir Klitschko 2012 Getty

Daniel Cormier

Daniel Cormier 2019 UFC

Lennox Lewis

Mike Tyson Lennox Lewis Evander Holyfield 2020

Bernard Hopkins

Bernard Hopkins MSG 2018

Evander Holyfield

Evander Holyfield 2020 Getty

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