Here's Why Michael Oher Has Hated 'The Blind Side' Forever

Former NFL player and 'The Blind Side' subject Michael Oher has always been vocal about how he was portrayed in the movie. Here's a timeline of Oher being against the movie.

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Michael Oher’s story is incredible. His mother, who wrestled with addictions to alcohol and crack cocaine, had 12 kids. His dad was often in prison–and eventually was killed there. 

Nonetheless, Oher blossomed into a football standout. While starring on the gridiron, Oher bounced around foster homes. That is, until a family whose kids attended his high school, the Tuohys, took him in. He became part of their family.

The beautiful story was chronicled in Michael Lewis’ 2006 book, The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game, and the 2009 movie adaptation starring Sandra Bullock, who won Best Actress for her role.

Yet this widely beloved story took an ugly turn this week. Here’s an extended look at how this saga has played out. 

2005-2009: Career at Ole Miss

2004: Tuohys Take in Oher

2009-2017: NFL Career & Expressing Frustration with ‘Blind Side’

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2023: Oher Challenges Tuohys

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