Like most of the country, you were probably glued to CNN as they were giving hourly updates during this past presidential election as it began to come down to the wire in key swing states.

Like your cool older relative who stayed in touch with the modern trends, the Washington Wizards decided to enlist the sportscasting talents of CNN's Wolf Blitzer and John King for their NBA season breakdown designed like the news stations state-by-state election night coverage, and it was exactly as enjoyable as it sounds.

Giving strong SNL comedy skit vibes, Blitzer and King broke down the Wizard's schedule for this upcoming season, outlining what teams they need wins against in their patented CNN style. Fans were impressed by how well the two news reporters were able to shift into sports talk during this mini crossover event, and as well.

Check out what others had to say about the Wizards season-opening sketch with Wolf Blitzer and CNN down below.