Fans were disappointed, but not surprised, after Jay Cutler endorsed Donald Trump for re-election by reposting a pro-Trump post from GOAT golfer Jack Nicklaus. On Wednesday, Nicklaus penned an endorsement and posted it to Instagram, supporting the current president.

The original message from Nicklaus that Cutler shared explains how he's just a guy "from a Midwestern middle-class family" and that he's voting for Trump because of his actions, not his tweets.

Cutler commented "never a doubt" on Nicklaus' post and reposted it to his Instagram with the same caption. He also posted it to his Story, writing "Sign Me Up." Long a social media whipping boy, it wasn't long before people pounced on te generally disliked quarterback to let them know how they felt. 

A lot of the reaction focused on the double standard of Black athletes beng told to "stick to sports" whenever they wade into the political waters.

See what everyone else had to say about Cutler's Trump endorsement below.