It's weird to say that the team with the best record in the Western conference needs to make a trade or roster upgrade, but here we are. We all know how talented the Los Angeles Lakers are behind LeBron James and Anthony Davis, but once you get past the two superstars, things start to breakdown a bit.

It's pretty obvious that this team needs another guard who can create for others on the roster. Rajon Rondo just isn't getting it done and the rest of the guards on the roster aren't really built to create. Outside of the need for more creation offensively, shooting is always a need for any team in the NBA, but especially a LeBron James team. He'll constantly find the open guy, but needs guys on the roster who can knock them down consistently. Is Kyle Kuzma really someone you're going to be able to count on to hit big shots in the playoffs? That's the question the Lakers front office will have to face as they look to upgrade the roster for the rest of the season. 

The Lakers current three game slide shouldn't be overly concerning going forward, but they also shouldn't let their current record stop them from upgrading going forward. After all, this is a LeBron James team and he'll forever put pressure on a front office to spend and improve however they can to win a title. We should mention that the Lakers will have to get really creative to make any move this winter based on their draft pick and cap situation going forward. They (rightfully) gave up a lot in the AD trade and now have a limited amount of assets to move.

With that all in mind, the Complex Sports team put together five trade targets that the Lakers should look at as we move into 2020 and the upcoming trade deadline.