After Antonio Brown announced that he was retiring from the NFL, his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, has reneged on his client's statements. 

During an appearance on Warren Sapp's 99 Problems podcast, Rosenhaus claims that AB is still a hot commodity among NFL franchises. 

"I have had discussions with a few teams that are very interested in him and want to know about his future and what's going on with the NFL," Rosenhaus said. "Hopefully, when that is all resolved, Antonio will be able to continue his Hall of Fame career."

Antonio Brown went on a Twitter tirade this weekend in which he claimed he would "not be playing" in the NFL anymore. He called out the entire ownership group before specifically targeting Patriots owner, Robert Kraft. Although his attack on Kraft has been deleted, the tweet announcing his retirement is still on his account. 

Antonio Brown's comments came after the Pats cut him from the roster. According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, Kraft made this move because AB allegedly sent threatening text messages to the second woman that accused him of sexual assault. This prompted the NFL to launch an investigation into her claims. Rosenhaus told Sapp that AB plans to open himself up to any questions the NFL has regarding the incident. 

"It's a very difficult time for him, not playing," Rosenhaus said. "We expected him to be playing against the Jets on Sunday, so it's tough for someone who loves the game not to be playing right now and the hope is that we will cooperate with the NFL in its investigation and get him back with a team to continue this tremendous career he's had."