Coming into this season, Philadelphia was a heavy favorite to win the LeBron-less Eastern Conference. But after a shaky postseason, the Sixers are now on the brink of being eliminated without even making it to the conference championship. As a result, critics are speculating what needs to be done to take Philly to the next level. And NBA star-turned-analyst Jalen Rose thinks he has the solution. 

During his appearance on Wednesday's episode of EPSN's Get Up, Rose suggested that the 76ers move their point guard Ben Simmons to build around their elite big man Joel Embiid. "I feel like if you're going to build around Joel Embiid, that means trading Ben Simmons," Rose stated at the video's 2:50-minute mark. He then went on to explain that Simmons' inability to produce points limits the Sixers from being a championship team. 

"Those are the two pillars of your team. Ben Simmons won't shoot the ball outside of the paint, and he can't shoot free throws," Rose detailed. "When the playoffs come and the game slows down, you want Joel Embiid in the post—not at the three-point line. If Ben Simmons is on the baseline at the dunk spot, there's really no true room to operate and them to maximize their potential."

In his two years of NBA competition, Simmons has yet to develop an effective jump shot. He has attempted (and missed) just 17 three-pointers in his career and close to 90 percent of his shot come from within 10 feet of the rim. Although he's a prolific playmaker, those inside buckets create a scenario in which Rose feels it's impossible for Embiid and Simmons to co-exist. Aiding in Rose's argument is the fact Simmons' numbers have dropped in nearly every statistical category since the playoffs began. His broken shot combined with the potential to disappear in the big moments leaves Philly with something to consider during this offseason.