At times, the way Steph Curry plays the game of basketball can seem otherworldly. But, on Monday (Jan. 21) during the third quarter of his game against the Lakers, fans were brought back to reality when the two-time MVP slipped during a fast break and airballed an open three during the same offensive sequence.

In an attempt to save himself from the internet, Curry stopped by the Late Late Show to explain what went wrong. 

"What had happened was, the L.A. Kings had a game right before us and they must not have put the floor back on top of the ice all the way because there was a little wet spot right there," Curry told host James Corden. "In my head, I knew I was about to do some crazy 360-dunk that I've never done in my life. ... It just didn't happen."

Although Curry had a thorough reason for why he lost his footing when asked how the ice impacted the airball that followed, Steph's response wasn't as prepared. "Touché," Curry joked. "I was a little dizzy."

In addition to poking at Curry, the guests also traveled down memory lane with the Golden State point guard. After bringing up fast food, Corden reached deep into the vault to pull out a vintage Burger King commercial that starred former NBA star Del Curry and his son, a very young Steph Curry.