Anthony Davis is the rock that will make major waves through NBA waters as his future stands to swing the league’s balance of power. At 25 years old, AD is poised to change the fate of a franchise and conceivably deliver multiple banners if the struggling Pelicans actually decide to deal him before the trading deadline. Or he could stay in New Orleans and leave his future in the hands of an organization that has never landed an All-Star free agent in its history.

Where Davis ends up has been a topic of conversation for years now, simmering as free agents like LeBron James and Kevin Durant changed teams, stars like Kyrie Irving and Kawhi Leonard forced trades, and the Pelicans have been stuck in mediocrity. Now, the AD speculation has reached a boil. With the trade deadline approaching, teams in “win now” mode (see Lakers, Sixers, and Celtics) could pull the trigger on swapping assets to land Davis. Otherwise, the three-time All-NBA, all everything forward is signed through next season with a player option for 2020-21.

So before the Anthony Davis recruitment tour rolls through every NBA city, the ultimate question is money or legacy? New Orleans has the ultimate bargaining chip, a $239 million, five year  super-max contract. That’s a quarter-billion dollars and $25 million more than he can sign for if he went to a new team according to the league’s current collective bargaining agreement.

If Davis just wants to win championships (a la KD in the summer 2016), desires a bigger market or is looking for a change of scenery, only he knows. What we do know is that literally every team in the league wants him. Who makes the most sense or who would be fun to watch him play’s our wishlist.