The Monstars have really done a number on Markelle Fultz. In his second NBA season, Fultz has yet to show signs of the player who was named third-team All-American and first-team All-Pac-12 in his lone year with the Washington Huskies. Even worse, he has yet to find his shooting stroke from the charity stripe, which has left him consistently experimenting with different routines. 

Last week, Fultz had many people scratching their heads when he attempted what could best be described as a "pump fake free throw." 


Fultz’s free throw form keeps changing. 🤔😪

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Fultz's odd free throw attempt was followed by the news that he and his shooting coach Drew Hanlen were no longer speaking or working with one another. In his never-ending quest to try and figure this thing out on his own, Markelle came up with a new technique that involves him juggling the ball between his hands before releasing the ball. 


New free throw routine for Fultz. 👀

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It's bizarre, but Fultz wants to stick with it for now because it's all "just trial and error."

With every missed free throw, it's a painful reminder that the Sixers traded up two spots to get Fultz. We hope that he figures this out one day because it's getting pretty sad.