The Phoenix Suns are helping one six-year-old celebrate his birthday after a disappointing turnout over the weekend. Pizza parties are the highlight of every little kid’s existence, but unfortunately one birthday boy was left to devour the pie all on his own after no one showed up to his party.

Teddy invited 32 of his kindergarten classmates to his pizza party in Tuscon, Arizona, but as local news outlets later reported, none of his peers came. “I'm done with parties for a while," Teddy’s mother Sil Mazzini told ABC, speaking of the heartbreaking event on Sunday.

Along with his story, a sad photo of Teddy sitting by himself at Peter Piper's Pizza circulated the web. As the image spread on social media, hundreds of people poured out their love and support to the little birthday boy, including the Phoenix Suns. “How about we celebrate with thousands at our place! Tickets to Wednesday’s #SunsVSLakers game are all yours Teddy! Talk soon!” the Suns tweeted on Tuesday.

The Suns versus Lakers game takes place on Wednesday, and will be Teddy’s first NBA game. "We are super excited," Mazzini said. It’s unclear if the team has anything special planned for Teddy, but hopefully this night will give the kindergartner the birthday he deserves.

Teddy will also be going to the Phoenix Rising soccer match on Friday. For anyone who feels compelled to do so, people can send Teddy a birthday card to their address in Tucson.