The NBA Playoffs have been going on for about two weeks now and we've noticed something: Today's NBA is softer than baby powder. There are stars like LeBron James and Blake Griffin flopping left and right, but we're not blaming them. We blame the league's front office and officials for rewarding that style of play. Everything is a foul and hard playoff fouls are now flagrants. The L has even gone as far as taking legal action on YouTube accounts that posted old-school fights. They took down memorable ones too, like Ralph Sampson hooking off on Jerry Sichting in the '86 Finals or when Cedric Maxwell almost got at a Sixers fan during Game 6 of the '81 Eastern Conference Finals.

All in all, we were still able to find some goodies like when Tree Rollins tried to eat Danny Ainge and when Bill Laimbeer took on Larry Bird and Robert Parish by his lonesome. So, take a trip down memory lane with us and check out the Greatest Brawls in NBA Playoffs History (that we could find).

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