It seemed like Le’Veon Bell was going to attend prom with a Steelers fan from Wisconsin after she received the number of retweets Bell deemed necessary (600—seriously, only 600).

welllll, a deal is a deal @avatarantino26 ......see youu at your prom 😊

— Le'Veon Bell (@L_Bell26) March 12, 2017

Here’s a plot twist we didn’t see coming: the school district is banning Bell from attending. Well, actually, he’ll be there. He just can’t go into the actual prom.

Bell will accompany the fan, 17-year-old Ava Tarantino, to the opening ceremonies of her prom at Waukesha West.

“He said he’s coming for sure,” Tarantino said, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “I’m so excited.”

Bell said he plans on bringing his mother and girlfriend. But, per district policy, Bell cannot go to the dance.

Two reasons he can’t go: 1. He’s too old. 2. He has a prior arrest on his record for marijuana possession and driving under the influence.

“You can Google Mr. Bell,” district spokeswoman Terry Schuster said.

The district does not allow guests over the age of 19 or guests who have been involved in drug, alcohol, or violent criminal incidents. Tough luck for Ava, but still a cool move on Bell's part.