The Miami Marlins and Pittsburgh Pirates will no longer play a two-game series in San Juan, Puerto Rico, at the end of May, according to CNN. The players involved voiced their concerns over the Zika virus, the virus known to cause birth defects and spread primarily by mosquito bites. It has been traced most closely to Latin America.

The league and players’ union released a joint statement after moving the games to Miami. "Commissioner (Rob) Manfred and the MLBPA fully understand the disappointment by those in Puerto Rico to the relocation of the games," the statement read. "MLB and the Players Association did everything possible to adequately address the concerns raised by players and still play the games in Puerto Rico, but despite extensive efforts, they were unable to develop a workable solution."

In other words: as long as the Zika virus was a thing in Puerto Rico, these games were simply not going to happen there. A Puerto Rican man died in February less than a week after contracting Zika, which sparked extensive media coverage.

Carmelo Anthony is also paying attention to the news. He said yesterday the Zika virus will factor into his decision of if he'll play in the 2016 Rio Olympics. "I don’t even know what a Zika virus is," Anthony said, "but I tell you what, it scares me."

He also said the USA Basketball players will likely talk about the virus before committing to the team. "Safety is first and foremost, Anthony said.

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