Rajon Rondo had a messy separation from the Dallas Mavericks last season. He clashed with head coach Rick Carlisle, and the team made up a nonexistent injury as the reason for ditching him in the middle of a playoff series. Things were so bad that the team didn't even give him a share of the additional cash that was received for making the postseason.

Now with the Sacramento Kings, Rondo made his first return to Dallas on Tuesday, but sat out for only the second time this season due to what the team said were back spasms. He was healthy enough to be on the bench, though, and appeared to take a shot at tripping Deron Williams while out of action and standing on the sidelines.

As a reminder, Rondo is kind of an awful person. He was suspended one game earlier this season for spewing an anti-gay slur at a referee who later revealed publicly that he is gay. This was something that was reportedly well-known in NBA circles, which makes Rondo's horrific choice of language that much worse.

We can now add "intentionally trying to injure a fellow player" to Rondo's growing list of transgressions.

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