Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is literally a billionaire, so as you might imagine, having essentially unlimited amounts of money at his disposal allows him to say whatever he wants.

Cuban has no trouble using profanity during interviews; after the whole DeAndre Jordan free agency saga didn't go his way over the summer, Cuban said he "doesn't give a shit" about the Clippers, and said of Jordan, "If you fuck with me I fuck with you back. That's just my nature."

The colorful language can be entertaining, but it can also be costly. Cuban was part of a team team participating in a League of Legends show match against Intel CEO Brian Krzanich in San Jose on Saturday, and evidently dropped an F-bomb as part of some friendly pre-game trash talk.

When Cuban was informed he'd been fined $15,000 for the offense, and told that the money would be going to charity, he was happy to drop another one so he'd be donating a total of $30,000 to the unnamed cause. 

"Fuck it," he said, which was followed by laughs all around. 

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