Rajon Rondo struggled to fit in during his brief time in Dallas last season, so much so that the Mavericks made up a story about a nonexistent back injury just to send him away during the playoffs with as little drama as possible. Although, there was some a short time later when players didn't vote to include Rondo in a share of the additional money teams receive for playing in the postseason.

Rondo's prickly personality has been well-documented over the years, but he hasn't been considered toxic until now. Because of the way things transpired last season, the Sacramento Kings were the only team willing to take a chance on him, and signed him to a deal for just one year at $9.5 million.

But even in a new situation, things are already off to a bit of a rough start. 

After Sacramento's preseason contest against the Lakers on Tuesday, Rondo was asked how his relationship with head coach George Karl was going. 

“It’s not been going too well," Rondo said. 'We got into a couple arguments the last couple of days. Hopefully, we continue to talk, and it will get better.”

Give Rondo credit for being honest, and give the interviewer none for not asking even one follow-up question.

As for the Kings, they remain a complete mess. Karl was brought in as the team's *third* head coach last season, and went behind the GM's back in calling around the league to try to trade away DeMarcus Cousins.

It's unclear what will come of all of this, but the situation in Sacramento this season is likely to be anything but stable.

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