For Sage Erickson surfing is about so much more than just riding a piece of foam along a wave—it involves actively communicating with Mother Nature.

But these days, surfing—which Sage has done since she was 10—is only one of several activities that keep her occupied, along with blogging, creating board art, and a whole host of others.

With everything she’s tackling now, the one thing Sage always has close by is her Toshiba Satellite Radius. Whether she’s hunting for new images to inspire her latest artwork, or checking a crucial weather forecast for an upcoming surf contest, the Satellite Radius’s five different usage modes—Laptop, Tablet, Tabletop, Presentation and Audience—give her the versatility of functionality for whatever she’s got going on next. And thankfully, she adds, it’s also a lot of fun.

You can hear more from Sage in the video below on why the Satellite Radius is her most indispensible tool for whatever she’s taking on.