Last night, LeBron James won what he called the "second place award" at the 2015 ESPY Awards when he was given the "Best Championship Performance" trophy. Even though the Cavaliers lost to the Warriors in the 2015 NBA Finals, he put on a good enough show to win an ESPY, and he thanked his fans for helping him earn it.

"Second place got me this," he said during his acceptance speech. "This wasn't expected at all. Thank you to all my fans."

How does one go about celebrating a "second place award," though? As it turns out, by partying with Future! LeBron hit up an ESPYs after party at a Hollywood nightclub called Le Jardin following the show and, while he was there, he jumped up on stage with Future for a few minutes to get an up close and personal look at his performance of his verse from "Move That Dope." You can see both of them on stage in the grainy clip above.

When LeBron left the club, he sounded like a guy who had done his fair share of celebrating, too. Here's a video of him talking to a TMZ Sports cameraman about his new movie, Trainwreck, and uhhh…yeah. It appears as though LeBron really enjoyed himself after the ESPYs.

Not a bad night for a "second place" guy.

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[via TMZ Sports]

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