Team(s): Washington Bullets, Charlotte Hornets, Golden State Warriors, Toronto Raptors
No. of seasons: 15

Look, most of the guys on this list just emanated some kind of intangible fearlessness. Not Bogues. Bogues’ fearlessness is very, very real. Bogues grew the height of everyone else’s elbows and then stopped. Bogues, on the court with NBA players, is like a child playing in traffic. He shared the hardwood every game with guys literally twice his size—some even bigger. The whole point of basketball is to get the ball up above 10 feet. Size is the single biggest advantage there is. Bogues makes this list because he was far from a novelty act. He was a team leader who once averaged a double-double. He’s on this list because he was such a badass that everyone decided Tyrone was not a hard enough name.