If you don’t already know Robbie Madison, you should. He is the Freestyle Motocross pioneer who has performed record-breaking jumps at iconic locations the world over, including London’s Tower Bridge, the Arc de Triomphe at Paris Hotel in Vegas, and the Corinth Canal in Greece, among others. In his down time, he keeps himself busy winning X Games medals and X-Fighters moto trophies. Hey—all in a day’s work.

Robbie’s no-holds-barred attitude is just one of many reasons that Skullcandy is so proud to have been partnered with him since 2011. This year, that partnership is taken to another level in celebration of the release of the new documentary On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter. The film, which is shot in glorious 4K Ultra HD, is a follow-up to the 1971 cult classic On Any Sunday, which changed the way people perceived moto racing forever.

Skullcandy is incredibly proud to have partnered with Red Bull on helping make the long-awaited sequel happen, and, in honor of its release, has also produced a new short film that is sure to give you a moto-fueled adrenaline fix. Shot at the Utah Olympic Park—once the site of the bobsled and ski jump events of the 2002 Winter Olympics—it features Robbie Madison careening his way along the bobsled track, before culminating with his attempt at a death-defying, record-setting jump that will have your heart in your throat. This is one video you definitely do not want to miss, and you can watch it here.

What’s more, Skullcandy is hosting a contest for all of you who like to live life at the highest possible octane. To enter, all you’ve got to do is upload a photo of your ideal experience or adventure, and tell Skullcandy why it gets you stoked. When you do, you’ll be entered to win a slew of grand prizes, including: a surf trip to Byron Bay, Australia; a snowboarding or ski trip to Jackson Hole, WY; a trip to a Live Nation US music festival or a Live Nation US concert of your choice. Live your life on your own terms and be sure to show Skullcandy how you live with the pictures you select. Don’t wait—to DROP IN and enter click here now!