"Floyd Mayweather Jr. is definitely going to fight Manny Pacquiao."

How many times have you heard that before? Like, 7,925,183 times, right? But it sounds like we might be getting closer to a Mayweather/Pacquiao fight actually becoming a reality. Floyd Mayweather Sr. just did an interview with Fight Hype and he revealed that the fight is "definitely gonna happen." He didn't say when or where or how soon it'd become official. But during the interview, he went on and on and on (and on!) about how the fight is going to happen eventually.

"I'm pretty sure that if don't nothing else happen, I'm pretty sure he's gonna get Pacquiao," he said. "It's gonna happen. That fight's gonna happen. Trust me. That fight's definitely gonna happen. It's a fight for the world, man, right there. It's the biggest fight that has ever been in life, so like I said, man, that fight's gonna happen. I'ma tell you right now, he never told me the fight's gonna happen, but I'ma tell you, the fight's gonna happen. You mark my words."

So the "fight's gonna happen," right? Floyd Mayweather's own dad just said it!

Uh, not so fast. As we mentioned earlier, it feels like we've heard this same story over and over now and, yet, Mayweather and Pacquiao haven't fought. But as long as people keep talking about it—and as long as Mayweather's dad is convinced the fight's going to happen—there's always a chance, right? Right.

Mayweather Sr. has a prediction for the fight, too: "Floyd's gonna kick his little ass…Floyd's gonna pick Pacquiao apart…He will be going to sleep again."

Keep hope alive!

[via Fight Hype]