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Jets fans were not happy with their starting quarterback Geno Smith yesterday. Smith—who has struggled through the first quarter of the 2014-15 NFL season—threw two interceptions and racked up just 209 yards passing during a 24-17 home loss to the Lions. So Jets fans booed him, heckled him, and even chanted "We want Vick!" in an effort to try and force Jets head coach Rex Ryan to insert Michael Vick into the game. It actually got so bad and Smith got so frustrated with what the fans were saying and doing that he yelled "Fuck you!" at a heckler as he walked off the field at the end of the contest.

Smith apologized for dropping an F-bomb on the fan a short time after the game ended and said that he "kind of let my temper get the best of me in that situation." But it's a situation that other athletes and coaches have found themselves in, too. So in light of what Smith did on Sunday, here's A Recent History of Athletes and Coaches Cursing at Fans. Put your earmuffs on.