Houston Rockets All-Star James Harden turns 25 today. Since being drafted in 2009, the former Arizona State Sun Devil has been known for two things: his game and his beard. Indeed, Harden is now a two-time All-Star and a former NBA Sixth Man of the Year. He captured a gold medal with the USA Olympic team in 2012, and has led the Houston Rockets to the playoffs in both seasons since he arrived from Oklahoma City. Teamed with Dwight Howard, Harden and the Rockets are a serious threat for NBA title contention next season. 

However, while Harden is a legitimate star in the NBA, the most recognizable element of his persona is still his beard. At this point, Harden would have to shave it off, win an NBA MVP award, and capture three straight championships for us to forget about his facial hair. It has become an essential element of his style and presence in the league. 

But Harden isn't the only one who has had a completely on-point beard in the NBA. Check out who else deserves to be listed with Harden as we rank The Best Beards In NBA History