Life can be tough down in the minor leagues. Teams need to get creative to get people out to the games, as t-shirt and cap giveaways are totally boring and not cool. How many free oversized t-shirts/nightgowns does a fan really need? Club marketers are forced to try radical and weird ideas to sell tickets.

While the Brooklyn Cyclones planned a Seinfeld Night, the Charleston Riverdogs took a less amicable and respectful approach to their big summer promotion. They decided to add a modern pop culture spin to the infamous Disco Demolition Night in Chicago by hosting Disco Demolition Night 2: You Better Belieb It. 

Fans came out with their own Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus junk to throw into a pile for burning. Check the video above for the fireworks. 

So, instead of giving away free Riverdogs crap, the Riverdogs had fans buy tickets and bring their own unwanted pop music merchandise—stuff that these people probably paid for—to be destroyed. And it worked. People loved it. This elderly woman was moved enough to clap.

That's right! @ChasRiverDogs gonna blow up some #Bieber and #MileyCyrus tonight!! #praiseGod

— Neal F (@BlazinBigRed07) July 19, 2014

And this fan caught the big moment on Instagram.

[via Extra Mustard]