"Supercar" is one of those nebulously defined terms that is still, somehow, perfectly clear. We all know that a supercar is a car that is simply superlative in terms of performance. It's fast as hell, cooler than that famous Outkast line, handles like a race car, has at most two doors, and causes massive amounts of rubbernecking. 

These days it seems like we hear of a new supercar company every 13 minutes that promises a 9,000-horsepower, 89-pound car that will outrace F1 cars, take the mantle of "world's fastest production car," and solve world hunger. While we continue to hold our breath for that car to actually see the light of day, we'd like you to celebrate the most extreme and amazing vehicles that have actually made it out into the wild. These are The 50 Best Supercars of All Time

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