American soccer has a lot of moving parts right now. It's a World Cup year, putting all of the team's past and present players under the spotlight. But above that, the United States' finest players—Landon Donovan, Clint Dempsey, and Michael Bradley—have chosen the MLS over the more difficult, but infinitely more glorious path to European Champions League soccer. 

That issue will be hotly discussed as the World Cup approaches, so enough of that. Today, we look back at the history of not only the United States Men's National Team, but the Women's Team as well. After all, it is Donovan's 32nd birthday, making the high-flying kid who nearly single-handedly took down Germany at the 2002 World Cup a well-worn veteran on the national side. He's now accomplished a decade's worth of goals, and is one of the United States' most decorated players, but is he the GOAT of American soccer? Mia Hamm and Clint Dempsey might have something to say about that. Check out The 15 Greatest American Soccer Players of All Time.

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