Late pass on this one, but T-Pain provides some interesting information about his car collection in an interview he did with VladTV last week. Previously known to have an enormous garage (up to 36 at one point), T-Pain explains that he has actually sold off about two-thirds of his collection, most of which were his old-schools. Why? Basically when you're not constantly running classic cars or having somebody take proper care of them, small problems here and there are likely to consistently pop up. That's what was happening to him, and he decided to cut down his lot to only 12 cars.

He also sold his $1.2M Bugatti Veyron, but for a much different reason. Apparently, he was running the car pretty hard, and a hole in one of the car's radiators developed. In order to fix that radiator, it was going to cost him $90,000 (he said they told him they needed to replace the spoiler, as well). T-Pain was like, "fuck that," and sold the car for $1M, quickly purchasing three other cars in its place: a Lamborghini Aventador, a Ferrari 458 Italia, and we think a McLaren MP4-12C (he said it's the brand new McLaren "that looks like a dragon," and the P1 would be way out of that price range). He also said all of those would be custom, so be on the lookout for some ridiculous rides coming his way. 

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[via VladTV