LeBron James has been schooling the Knicks, and teasing their fans, since he first entered the NBA back in 2003. From his first game against them as a Cavalier, which ended in a victory, to dismissing New York from just their second playoff appearance in eight years, LeBron has in large part dominated the Orange and Blue. He’s recorded numerous individual accolades against the Knicks, flirted with them in free agency during the summer of 2010, and perhaps exacerbated them most by making Madison Square Garden his own personal playground. In total, LeBron has beaten the Knicks 26 times, including the postseason. Tonight, he’ll once again square off against Melo and Co. at his home away from home. To get you ready for what should be another edition of "The LeBron Show" at the Garden, check out all the ways the King has scalped the Knicks with, A Brief History of LeBron James Sonning the New York Knicks. 

Written by Adam Silvers (@silversurfer103)
*All stats were used from basketball-reference.com*

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