We are all familiar with the movie Titanic and the grandeur and style that the richest of the rich were accustomed to having in their daily lives. That's exactly what every passenger nowadays dreams of when they decide to book their tickets for a cruise and pack their bags-- a getaway to an exotic location in a vessel filled with luxury and comfort, basically a week-long escape from the reality of a steady job and normal-person problems.

Everybody who decides to take a cruise goes with the idea of relaxing and enjoying their seafaring time--perhaps even re-enacting the famous Kate-and-Leo deck scene, for those in-the-closet romantics. But there is a dirtier, grittier side to cruises that's usually ignored and invisible. It's the stuff that the cruise liners try to hide--those ugly truths that nobody really wants to hear, those ugly truths that are better swept under the carpet. Well, in the heart of cruise season, it's time for somebody to lift up the rug. Here are 11 Terrifying Facts About Cruise Ships. 

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