Tesla CEO Elon Musk Was Named "Most Influential Man" of the Year

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For his contributions to the current state of car technology, Lotus Esprit Submarine owner Elon Musk was recently named Askmen.com's Most Influential Man of the Year, beating out all of us and all of you. In a four page article about why Musk is important, automotive journalist Nicolas Stecher writes that "to credit one company (or individual) with the entire ascension of the electric car may be simplifying things, but there is no person more critical to its rise than Elon Musk." He goes on to discuss the game-changing Tesla Model S and Musk's vision for the future of automobile industry. The article is worth a read if you can get beyond the fact that you didn't make the top Top 49 and he is better than you.

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[via Autoblog]


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