Hideki Matsui is set to announce his retirement from baseball sometime in the near future so he can finally enjoy his enormous porn collection. Godzilla, as he's known in Japan, has been stockpiling and trading pornos with Japanese writers for years, ultimately amassing around 55,000 films.

One Japanese journalist put it simply:

"Matsui is a horny guy. All of us are horny, more or less. But Matsui doesn't attempt to hide the fact."

His collection first surfaced in a 2003 Time magazine piece and recently reared its ugly head in a 2012 GQ post. Matsui will not only be remembered for his clutch hits as a member of the New York Yankees, he'll also be remembered for being the guy that still buys porn when it's free on the Internet. We hope he doesn't go blind.

[via Deadspin]