Would you watch a reality show starring Kobe Bryant and his wife, Vanessa? While it would be interesting to see if Kobe hogs up the food at the dinner table as much as he hogs up the ball on the court, Vanessa shot down the possibility of having a camera crew follow the Bryant family in an interview with FabFitFun:

Would you ever consider having cameras follow you around for a reality show?
Absolutely 100% no. Kobe and I were approached to do a reality show after Nick and Jessica started Newlyweds, then they wanted my friend La La and I to do one, years ago. I really enjoy my privacy and I love being my goofy and sarcastic self with family and friends. I certainly don’t want to enable people to think they have a significant opinion on what goes on in my life. 

And let's not forget that in order to have a reality show with Kobe and Vanessa, you need to have the Black Mamba around his wife. We kid. Well, sorta.   

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[via Terez Owens]