Recently, ESPN's Rick Reilly sat down with Derek Jeter for 15 minutes for a game of what he called "Hit or Miss." Since the Yankees shortstop has become incredibly good at answering questions from reporters with responses that don't actually answer their questions, Reilly told Jeter to just say "Miss" whenever he didn't feel like answering one of his questions. So, Jeter said "Miss" a lot during their brief sit-down and refused to answer stuff about Skip Bayless, dating, and, somewhat curiously, reading (you're not into reading, DJ?!). But, one question he did answer was about Michael Jordan. The exchange went like this:

Reilly: OK, you have five world championship rings. How much do you think about Michael Jordan having six?

Jeter: Think about it? Of course I think about it. He reminds me all the time.

Reilly: He texts you and reminds you?

Jeter: All the time.

Most of Jeter's other answers were pretty worthless. But, it's interesting that: 1) He talks to MJ pretty frequently, 2) MJ taunts him about not having six rings, and 3) The trash talk actually seems to bother Jeter! Pretty cool.

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[via ESPN]