In what is probably one of the most bizarre studies we've ever heard, research done on the behavior of birds recently seems to suggest that red cars are more likely to be the target of bird poop attacks. The study, conducted in June 2012 for online retailer Halford's looked at data on 1,140 cars in the U.K., showing 18% of all the red cars tested ended up poop-splattered. Blue cars came in a close second with 14%, black cars at 11%, white cars at 7%, gray cars at 3%, and green cars at 1%.

The British Trust for Orinthology is skeptical about the findings, releasing this statement: "We do know that birds can be attracted to certain colors during display but it is probably more to do with where you park... if you park where birds roost, then you are going to get more droppings on your vehicle." Check out a news clip on the study below:

[via Autoblog