On the same day that Marshawn Lynch got a shiny new contract, he got a huge unexpected compliment from a random source: Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes. 

Spikes has only been in the league for two years and has played in a total of 23 games including the postseason, but there have been some beastly runners on the 16 teams he's faced. He has gone up against Adrian Peterson, Ray Rice, Rashard Mendenhall, Peyton Hillis (who ran for 182 yards and two touchdowns against the Pats in 2010), Darren McFadden, an aging LaDanian Tomlinson, and Shonn Greene. He even faced former Alabama running backs Mark Ingram and Trent Richardson when he played for Florida in college. 

Out of all those names, Spikes still sees Lynch as the most feared back. In the one game that the two met, Lynch ran the ball 13 times for 79 yards, a 6.1 YPC average. We understand that plays like this tend to scare defenders a little bit, but still. The dude eats little candied rainbows on the sidelines. How frightening could he be? 

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