It was '80s night down in New Orleans for the Bulls vs. Hornets game, and weird hairstyles weren't the only treat the few fans in attendance received. Will Ferrell, in town filming a new movie titled Dog Fight, was given the opportunity to showcase his comedic talents by doing the player intros for both teams.

Before announcing the names, he gave a tidbit of information that most people might not know about that player. Our favorites had to be that Luol Deng collects rare birds, that Derrick Rose's favorite movie is The Notebook, and that Emeka Okafor majored in economics and minored in love at UConn. We hope Emeka is putting that minor to good use, because the Hornets sure haven't been getting much lately. Dog Fight, a political comedy, is set to be debut on August 10 and also stars Zach Galifianakis and Dan Aykroyd.  

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