valentineone WHAT: Valentine One
Radar Locator with Laser warning


FUN FACT: Alex Roy, author of The Driver, used a Valentine One on his record Cannonball Rally cross country drive.

WHY COMPLEX IS CO-SIGNING IT: The weather's warming up, gas prices are rising—yeah, son, it's road trip season. We're already planning out every weekend from now 'til Sept 1st, and we're sure you're doing the same. Before you head out, though, we recommend you gear up with some essential tools and gadgets, one of them being a good radar detector like this week's Buy It Now, the Valentine One. Most radar detectors work by placing a detecting antenna at the front of the device, point out towards the front of you car. The Valentine One uses two radar antennas to keep you aware of every radar threat. It's one the pricey side, sure, but trust us: get caught wildin' out in some states and you'll wish you had dropped the dough. It was good enough to get Alex Roy from New York to Cali in record time without any jail time, we're sure it's good enough for you.

CLICK here to BUY IT NOW at Valentine One, $399.99

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