Once a sneaker bears Michael Jordan’s stamp of approval, it can only go up from there, and we mean that literally. In 1984, pre-NBA Jordan sported a pair of adidas Forums and flew high above the net in the U.S. Olympic Trials. This moment in sports history paved the way for the shoe to become one of the defining basketball silhouettes of the ’80s.

Now, a new generation of diverse voices are carrying on the Forum’s legacy. Due to its versatility and modest $90-$100 price tag, the sneaker has become an integral part of subcultures across America. LA breakdancers, Boston’s Carribean carnival community, dirt bikers in Atlanta, New York skate park-goers, Detroit’s LGBTQ+ youth ballroom voguers, producers in Philly, Chicago artists, and Houston slab crews have all adopted the Forum as their own. 

“What’s crucial here is that it’s not a brand taking it into culture, it’s people bringing the shoe into new contexts — whether it be skateboarding, fashion, dance, and beyond,” Eric Wise, global GM of adidas Basketball, recently told Complex UK. “This kind of adoption happens across different genders, backgrounds, ethnicities, nations. It’s this process of cultural authentication that takes a silhouette from a shoe to an icon.” 

With that history in mind, scroll down to take a look at these subcultures and check out all the ways the adidas Forum is bringing innovators together.