Blessed Sneakerhead Claims He Found Yeezy Boost 750s for $45 at Outlet

Yeezys on a budget.

I don't spend a lot of time in outlets, but perhaps I should change that. Instagram user and apparent Adidas fan Josh Sta Ana is stacking up the coverage after sharing a post Monday in which he claimed to have stumbled upon a pair of Yeezy Boost 750 Triple Blacks at a UK Adidas outlet.

"I still can't believe I came across these in our local adidas outlet today," he wrote on Instagram. "It's crazy! 😵" Josh spoke with Sneaker Myth about the alleged discovery, clarifying that the shoes were believed to have been a returned pair that were—prior to finding a home—leading a boxless and "very scuffed up" life. Outlet staff, Josh added, were not aware of what they had.​ Josh claims he walked away with the shoes after paying a mere £34.95 ($45.32)​.

The Yeezy Boost 750 Triple Blacks first started popping up in late 2015. Though Ibn Jasper at one point denounced them as being fake, Kim Kardashian later showed off a pair while livestreaming on her official app. Shortly after, Travis Scott hit Instagram to thank Kanye West for gifting him with a pair.

The alleged Yeezy outlet discovery brings to mind the sudden appearance (and just-as-sudden disappearance) of blank Supreme T-shirts at Kmart. After catching on to the fluke, Kmart started snipping the tags, thus crushing hearts the world over.

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