Three Reasons Golfers Should Wear adidas Climalite This Summer

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"I have found the Adidas Climalite performance pants provide a comfort and stretchability that allows for most mobility on the golf course, I have always been a cotton guy, but the Climalite has brought me permanently away from cotton."

"I played a round recently in the Adidas Climalite pants in about 75 degrees and didn't feel to warm at all. I also like how the pants reject dirt, I had a shot from the mud and splashed a shot all over the pants and was bummed- I took the pants off after the round and could barely see the mud stains- and threw them in the wash and they came right out."

"The flare at the bottom of the pants is an feature that I enjoy for two reasons, I don't feel tight on my ankles and secondly the look of how it falls on my golf spikes is much more of a athletic look to me, the old mid nineties tapered cotton Ben Crenshaw look, looks like the guy that cut out of his State Farm insurance job at 2pm for a twilight round.."